Cherie Chai


Element name: Chaidrogen

Symbol: Ch

Characteristics: At standard temperature and pressure, Chaidrogen is an orange-coloured gas that is non-toxic. However, mixure with Vaughanese can prove to be rather potent. It reacts very well with an alcoholic beverage made from malted cereal grains. Breathing in excessive Chaidrogen will enable one to produce strange sounds with the mouth, known as vocal percussions.


The first a cappella song that Cherie remembers ever listening to was In-A-Chord’s Ice Kacang, sometime in her primary school days. Later on, her education in a cappella can be very much credited to her older sister, who kindly shared her large resource of a cappella mp3s with her.

The first a cappella concert that she ever attended was the inaugural Vocal Obsession, by NUS Resonance, a group founded by her sister. This was where she learnt that the funny noises her sister’s boyfriend used to make while waiting for her sister actually translated into fairly cool drum riffs and sounds! Determined to pick up vocal percussion, she started practicing despite naysayers who thought that “girls can’t beatbox”, and did her first a cappella performance in junior college, during a choir concert.

Upon admission to university, Cherie joined NUS Resonance, where she gained experience as a vocal percussionist and soprano. Preferring to hold down the beats rather than warbling high notes, she competed twice in the National A Cappella Championships with her group, obtaining first place in 2008.

Guest performing with Key Elements in 2011, she realized how much she missed performing as a vocal percussionist since graduation and starting work as a choir conductor. So when the opportunity to audition for KE popped up, she (quite literally) jumped at the chance!

While Cherie’s life right now seems to be a neverending cycle of conducting and attending rehearsals, she tries to find time to unwind, usually in a bar, enjoying a good cold beer.



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