Chua Hui Lian


Element name: Huilium

Symbol: Hl

Characteristics: Huilium is one of the noble gases, which is colourless and rather rare in the earth’s atmosphere. It reacts well with alcohol (especially Australian wines) but does not mix well with aerosol products (e.g. hairspray). Ladies who breathe in Huilium gas will be able to achieve a deep voice, lower than some men, momentarily.


Hui Lian first got introduced to a cappella singing during her junior college days. It was amazing that her entire class loved singing, and they would jam during free periods, during assembly…. anywhere, anytime!

Her love for this interesting form of music-making was enhanced when she attended university in New Zealand. There she was further exposed to the beautiful harmonies of the Pacific Islanders who again jammed and sang anywhere and anytime they could! And it was her Pacific Island friends who taught her the beauty and art of making harmony.

After she graduated, she came back to Singapore to start work. Looking around again for like-minded people to sing and harmonise with, Hui Lian joined the church choir. It was there that she got to know people who shared her passion for music. She first formed Forte which was an all-girl group that took part in the local talent competition Rolling Good Times. They came in second place, but came away with having met even more people who loved music. That was when she first got to know In-A-Chord and Budak Pantai.

Through the ensuing years, Hui Lian was involved in other a cappella groups such as In Transit, b.coz and Girls of Grace. With people in the various groups succumbing to other priorities in life, she gravitated towards the gang she first met when she got involved in a cappella singing in Singapore – In-A-Chord and Budak Pantai.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Singing is what keeps Hui Lian sane. By day, she works in a corporation; by night, she unwinds with her husband at their sanctuary imbibing good wine and feasting on her own home cooking. Occasionally they invite waifs and other friends and family into their home to partake of wine and food, and of course the singing and practising and performing takes up the rest of her time. Would she trade anything in her life right now? No way! Well… maybe her day job!


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