Chua Kim Beng

Chua Kim Beng


Element name: Kimbium

Symbol: Kb

Characteristics: One of the precious metals, Kimbium is gold in colour and found mostly in the southern part of Singapore. Its colour and strength makes it stand out from the rest of the elements. It reacts very well with most food types, in particular the gourmet type. Contact with liquid Kimbium has a very soothing effect.


Kim Beng first encountered a cappella singing while enrolled in Raffles Junior College, where he was the tenor section leader of the college choir. Incidentally, his counterpart in the bass section was Vaughan Tan. The choir director invited both of them to join a small group to sing madrigals – and Kim Beng has been hooked on a cappella singing ever since.

Kim Beng’s smooth, velvety voice lends itself well to both pop and jazz tunes; indeed, his influences include crooners of old like Nat King Cole, Mel Torme and Frank Sinatra. The only one in Key Elements who has never had music lessons, Kim Beng is only too happy to be assigned lead vocals as he has a phobia of learning the supporting parts, although it is a relief when someone else bears the responsibility of remembering lyrics once in a while!

Kim Beng works as an editor by day, so he is roped in whenever the group requires some creative writing. He is also the group’s resident food guru, and is often treated by the others as a walking restaurant guide. To compensate for the group’s regular face-stuffing sessions, Kim Beng likes to take to the swimming pool.

Prior to Key Elements, Kim Beng sang with In-A-Chord (together with Vaughan and Jason Ong), a pioneering all-male a cappella group, for 16 years.


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