Gail Wong

Gail Wong


Element name: Gaillium

Symbol: Ga

Characteristics: A light pink-coloured gas that’s found at the top layer of the earth’s atmosphere, Gaillium is in high concentration in eastern Singapore. It reacts very well with Huilium, but, strangely, not so with alcohol. It is believed in common folklore that inhaling Gaillium is beneficial for expectant mothers.


Gail discovered music and singing from an early age, when she demanded a piano for her fourth birthday and sang at many a relatives’ weddings. It was in the Raffles Girls’ Secondary School choir where she was introduced to an array of vocal genres – medieval chants, Chinese getai, Disney and jazz – that the magical world of a cappella and group performance began to unfold. She continued to explore other forms of group vocal singing such as light operas and improvisational musicals at the University of Pennsylvania, in between writing business plans and Wall Street interviews.

After graduation, performing continued to be Gail’s creative outlet, providing balance and escape from an intense investment banking career that took her across three continents in 10 years. She revived Variasians, a then-defunct a cappella group in Boston in 2006, with a motley crue of living room singers who somehow got featured National Television in 2008. Variasians was the first a cappella group Gail sang with, for which she also arranged songs and directed… and she has never looked back since.

Upon returning to Singapore in 2008, Gail sought out other like-minded aficionados, and sang for several years with Equivox, an award-winning pop group, and Nanu, Singapore’s first all-female professional a cappella group. She joined Key Elements in 2011 and looks forward to sharing many years of harmonies, travel and friendship with the group.

When Gail’s not singing, managing personal investments or looking for interesting businesses to stick her nose into, she is a passionate practitioner of transformational learning, and volunteers a few hours each week to coach others in getting the most out of life. Gail is usually immersed in at least one subject at any one point in time, the current being property construction and parenting.



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