Jason Ong


Element Name: Jasonium

Symbol: Jo

Characteristics: Jasonium is a pungent gas. Purplish in colour, it burns with a bright spark. Breathing in Jasonium will induce creativity and ability to write songs. Keep children out of reach, as Jasonium is highly combustible in environments that are in abundance of such substances.


After spending 9 years working as a sales engineer (and putting his degree in Chemical Engineering to good use), Jason finally decided to heed the call of his true nature, and follow his heart and passion. So, in 2001, he quit his job to become a full time musician.

In 2005, he co-founded The Singapore Men’s Chorus, a group of male choristers who have since been well-known for their entertaining and show-stopping concerts. Jason currently gives voice lessons to individual students (young adults and adults alike).

Being an avid listener to all sorts of music (his musical tastes run the spectrum from pop and R&B to jazz, new age, choral, light classical and world music), Jason brings his (sometimes a little wacky!) sense of humour and creative flair into his arrangements for the group. This has earned him many fans and he was also awarded “Best Arranger” in 2004’s “Sing! Sing! International Competition” in Taiwan. As a songwriter, his works includesPioneerJunior College’s School Song (which he co-wrote with good friend Patrick Wong) and the film music for “Girl in a Red Sarong”.

Besides his obvious love for music, his other hobbies include being a coffee addict, baking, playing the piano, listening to even more music, looking after his pet fishes, mahjong (when he can get enough kakis to play), reading, watching dvds, and more music!

His dream? To be able to record his own album of his songs one day….and yeah, to drive his dream car (it’s a coupe – ask him which one!)


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