Jean Ho


Element name: Jelicon

Symbol: Je


Jelicon is a substance that is easily found in multiple colours, except the colour black. Despite its hard exterior, Jelicon has a soft core and reacts well with make-up, fashion, multiple forms of art and especially well with the gas Huilium. People exposed to Jelicon for prolong periods may achieve a high voice.


Jean was brought up in a household where her father would play the piano on weekends and blast jazz or RnB music while doing household chores. Although she was exposed to music since birth, her first experience with singing was when she was 16, as a soloist in front of thousands of people at her church’s Christmas production.

Having found her new love for singing, Jean registered for vocal classes and proceeded to pursue her diploma in music and sound engineering course. She had her first a cappella experience at her Polytechnic where she joined the school’s a cappella group, Republic Rhapsody, and performed at various school’s concerts and public venues such as the National Library. Her love for a cappella music grew and that led to her watching many related performances by established groups such as Rockapella, Naturally 7, Pentatonix and shows like The Sing Off.

After her graduation from Polytechnic, Jean has been serving in church by singing in the choir, or as a soloist in multiple church productions where she continues to hone her skills as a singer. When not on stage singing or dancing, she loves meeting like-minded individuals who share the same passions for the performing arts.



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