Vaughan Tan


Element name: Vaughanese

Symbol: Vn

Characteristics: Vaughanese is present at the floor of oceans. The metal is gray-white, resembling iron, but is stronger. Regular intake of Vaughanese helps to maintain a healthy heart rate that goes “dum-dum dum-dum”. It is known to have certain magnetic qualities.


Vaughan grew up in a household where the radio was perpetually on and music was heard all day. His first experience at making music was during kindergarten when he learnt to play notes on the electone, aside from the toy piano and toy drums he had been banging on. He soon progressed to classical piano and that took him all the way till junior college, where he started singing seriously when he joined the choir. That soon took over as his new love. It was also there, as a music elective student, where Vaughan explored different genres of music ranging from Gregorian chants and madrigals to jazz and pop, and where he started doing choral arrangements and composing.

The year that followed his graduation from junior college was the turning point of Vaughan’s musical journey. His fellow RJC choir mate, Kim Beng, called him one day and said that there was this group of guys forming an a cappella group and asked him if he wanted to join. He jumped at the opportunity and there was no looking back since. That group turned out to be Singapore’s pioneering all-male a cappella group In-A-Chord, which survived for 16 years.

As his love of music and singing developed further, Vaughan decided to turn full-time in 2002 after working 9 years as a property manager. In 2003, he joined The Notations, a group formed by The Acappella Society and performed extensively with them. He is now the managing director of Vocal Vantage (, an establishment which provides vocal training for individuals as well as choral directing for school choirs. He has also co-produced a few albums and produced numerous music videos and concert shows.

Aside from singing,Vaughan has also put his rich bass voice and impeccable Mandarin to good use by doing voice-overs for many TV and radio commercials. And when he is not using his voice, he can be seen instagramming, writing and arranging songs, or catching up on his favourite TV series.


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